Gutter Cleaning CrawleyKleentech Gutter Cleaning Crawley provides a professional gutter cleaning in Crawley and the surounding areas.
We can clean and unblock any gutter up to four stories high from the safety of the ground. We use the latest high powered vacuum system and lightweight carbon fibre poles.

We can effectively clean gutters up to four stories high and easily reach over extensions, conservatories most hard to reach areas.

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Guter cleaning CrawleyGutter Clearance in Crawley

Kleentech gutter cleaning Crawley is an established, professional Surrey based company offering our services to local residential and commercial clients. We pride ourselves on our friendly approach and exceptional customer services. All our staff are fully trained quality of our work is always top of our list.

Our gutter clearance in Cawley can clean and unblock any gutter up to three stories high. We specialise in unblocking gutters including removing vegetation, moss, leaves and silt.


Our gutter clearance in Crawley provides:

• Clear Blocked Gutters.
• Remove all debris including Leaves Silt, Vegetation and Moss.
• Unblock Drainpipes

Gutter cleaning Crawley Area Map

Why Clean Gutters?

As homeowners, we know the importance of keeping our homes maintained. But for some reason most of us don’t pay attention to the gutters and the importance of maintaining them.
Over flowing blocked gutters - CrawleyIf gutters become blocked, rain water can overflow and saturate walls, windows, doors and in some cases back flow under roof tile and enter the roof space. If rain full continues for days or even weeks water may penetrate through the walls causing serious damage to the interior structure of your home. In some extreme cases, torrential rainfall accumulates on the ground which can cause more severe complications to the buildings foundations.


Gutters defend your property from the effects of water damage. This includes Internal damp, impaired structural foundation issues, timbers, fascia, soffits a, decking, patios, driveways and pathways.


Read more about the effests of blocked gutters here.

Kleentech Gutter Cleaning Crawley provides gutter clearance throughout Surrey, Sussex and South West London.